Would you rather . . .

  • Would you rather be smart and unattractive or very attractive and not very smart? 
  • Would you rather sing every word you speak or whisper every word you speak?
  • Would you rather be remembered and hated or completely forgotten?

We play this game around the dinner table or around the homeschool table. It’s always interesting to catch a glimpse into the minds of my children.

This morning, ThingFour was building blanket and pillow forts with his brothers and randomly thought of a Would you rather question. So he ran in to ask me, Would you rather have a really good job but not be yourself or be yourself and have a really bad job? 

Everyone quickly agreed – we’d all rather be ourselves, no matter the job.

But then we started discussing what constitutes a good job. ThingFour said being a garbage man would not be a good job. But ThingFive shouted, Oh! I’d love being a garbage man! That would be FUN!

Riding around town, hanging off the back of a loud truck, using strong muscles to heave giant cans of trash — what’s not to love about a job like that?

Then the boys remembered the 60 Minutes story from this past Sunday night about homelesness in America, particularly in our area of Florida. One father interviewed on that show finally found a job as a garbage man and was able to get his family into a home. ThingFour soberly stated, Being a garbage man would be a good job if that’s the job that kept you from being homeless. 

Or if that’s the job that made you happy! I added, smiling at ThingFive as he flexed his muscles, no doubt picturing himself lifting heavy trash cans with one arm.

Yeah, I want my children to have jobs that bring them happiness, jobs that allow them to feel most like themselves. Just as importantly, I don’t want them to look down on people, thinking some jobs are bad, not worthy of respect.

How about you? Does your job make you happy? Does your job allow you to feel most like yourself? Would you rather be poor and do a job you love or rich and do a job you hate? Would you like to ride around town flexing your giant muscles as you hang off the back of a loud garbage truck? 

4 thoughts on “Would you rather . . .

  1. Tough one. I like what I do, and the pay is decent, but does it make me tick and shine on the inside? But, that’s also because I discovered what does make me shine on the inside much later in life, long after college. I do wonder if I had realized this earlier where I would be nor if it would matter as much. I’ll never know.


    1. Okay, so I asked them tonight, and one daughter said she’d like the beauty without the brains if she had to choose. Everyone else picked smarts. It’s a great way to see what people are thinking, and she’s a 16yo girl! Of course she would like to be pretty! Don’t we all, deep down?

      Those crazy questions stimulate honest discussions!


  2. Ann, I love doing those questions with my kids because it’s fun to see their different personalities in their answers. It’s also exciting for me to see them thinking and forming their own ideas and opinions.


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