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Here I Am!

The Advent season has begun. This morning, sipping my black coffee from a Christmas mug, I’m thinking about some of my favorite Christmas memories.

When ThingTwo was six years old and in first grade, she was explaining to her brothers why Jesus came to earth as a baby.

Jesus came to earth as a baby because He didn’t want to scare everyone by opening up the clouds and saying, ‘Here I am!’.

Every December, I look at the puffy clouds in the sky and imagine Jesus breaking through with a thundering voice, “Here I am!”

One thought on “Here I Am!

  1. I love this post and will never look at clouds the same way. When ours were little, we always baked a “birthday cake” to celebrate the birth of Jesus. One of my favorite Christmas memories of my first born came when she was about 2 and a 1/2. We walked out of Christmas Eve service and she loudly proclaimed, “Merry Christmas, everyone and Happy Birthday, Jesus!”


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