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Emotional Overload

The emotions in this home are sort of out-of-control.

To begin with, I have a 13-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old daughter. So, ummmm, there’s that.

Which is pretty much enough. But, like a Ginsu knife infomercial, THAT’S NOT ALL – THERE’S MORE!

It’s almost Christmas. And I have 4 little boys. The twinkling lights, the Christmas music, the anticipation of gifts, the candy canes with red dye that people keep giving them – all add to the crazed excitement.

But wait, THERE’S MORE!

If you live in my home, not only do you get 2 adolescent girls, 4 candy-crazed boys, and the happy insanity of the holiday season, we’re throwing in a mid-January 700-mile move!

So we have closet contents spilled into rooms to sort and pack. We have thousands, hundreds, tens of empty cardboard boxes piled high, waiting to be filled. We have a few packed boxes, labeled with hot pink duct tape and stacked up in the hall outside our apartment. We have garbage bags filled with outgrown clothes and unwanted toys waiting to be donated.

But wait, THAT’S NOT ALL! For the low, low price of losing your mind, we have all the sadness of leaving friends and neighbors and the known, AND we have all the excitement and joy of moving back to a place where we have lived before. As ThingTwo recently said, “We’re leaving one home to go back to another home.” And who knew it was possible to feel deep sadness and great happiness at the same moment?

Some of the children are feeling the pain of saying goodbye to best friends. They’re feeling melancholy thinking about the memories we’ve made here in the past four years. They’re feeling the discomfort of leaving the well-known for the sorta-kinda-I-might-remember. A moment later, those same children are feeling scared about making friends in a different place, excited about living in a larger home, and grouchy about being out of our normal routine for too many days.

They’re overjoyed with the idea of playing in the snow this winter, but they’re lamenting the reality of being far away from the beach. They’re already dreaming of cold weather, warm blankets, and fuzzy socks; but they’re complaining when it dips into the 50’s here.

Like a rollercoaster – up and down, jerking around, loopty-loop – our moods and emotions are taking us for a ride.

We’re trying to make a few more memories, savoring these last weeks, and we’re trying to enjoy Christmas celebrations and focus on the true meaning of the holiday, and we’re trying to sort and pack and tape and label.

Yeah, pretty much we’re all feeling like 12 and 13-year-old girls.

How about you? Have you felt like an adolescent girl lately? Does this season bring out crazy emotions in you? Does chocolate help?


2 thoughts on “Emotional Overload

  1. My heart is screaming with joy in knowing you all will be just and hour away and yet so heavy with sadness in knowing you are leaving so many good friends there. Take care and know that we are praying for you in every circumstance. Give the kids a hug.


  2. Moves are bittersweet, indeed. And, yes, chocolate always helps. As the mother of 2 teen girls, I always keep a secret stash on hand. It’s usually located next to a bottle of Cabernet.

    Blessings to you on your move and new adventure!


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