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From the rising of the sun . . .

. . . to the going down of the same, the Lord’s name is to be praised.  – Psalm 113:3 

One thing I wanted to do before we move out of Florida — watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean, then drive across the state and watch the sun set over the Gulf.

So last Thursday we got everyone out of bed by 4:30 in the morning. We loaded up the snacks, the picnic lunch, the blankets, my mug of coffee. We bundled up for a cold, windy early morning. And we drove to Cocoa Beach.

As we stood on the shore, fingers and toes gradually going numb, this is what we saw —

I think it was the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen.

After a warm breakfast at Waffle House, we drove across the state to Clearwater. We played in the sand, had a picnic lunch, and watched street performers. The children ran and climbed on a playground by the pier. Like little puppies, they dug sand out from under a fence and crawled through. Then they built the sand wall back up and played Prison Escape, with two of them pretending to be guards and the others criminals digging under the wall to escape from prison.

As the children played soccer in the sand, the sun began to set.

The heavens declare the glory of God. – Psalm 19:1a

How have you seen God’s glory declared by His creation recently? 

3 thoughts on “From the rising of the sun . . .

  1. I love to find a kindred spirit who revels in a beautiful display of God’s splendor. I do belive that was painted especially for you… God knew you’d be there to see it. Thank you for sharing! (we get sunsets over the ocean in my part of the country – easier to see – rising at 4:30am is not required!)


  2. I loved these pictures. The sunrise especially was spectacular! What a treasure of a day…

    I have enjoyed seeing the birds coming to our feeder this winter–black-billed magpie, dark-eyed junco, Steller’s jay, black-capped chickadee, house finch…I love even their names. Each unique, each beautiful, each singing songs that the Creator gave to praise Him.


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