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Learning Lessons Lots of Time

“My class is learning about not tattle-taling.” BabyThing looked up from his bagel smeared with garden vegetable cream cheese. “Not tattle-taling at school, at home” He shrugged and licked cream cheese from his lips. “Everywhere.”

He sounded so big. So grown-up for a kindergartener. Much too old for the Baby of the Family.

“Yes,” I casually replied. “Lots of kindergarten students have to learn that lesson. Tattle-taling is pretty common among kindergarten kids. It can be a hard habit to break.”

He bit off a bit of bagel and nodded. “Yep. That’s the lesson we’re learning.” He swallowed the bite of bread. “I might have to learn this lesson a lot of times. A lot of times at school. And a lot of times at home.”

He didn’t apologize for it. He didn’t whine about it. He didn’t beat himself up over it. He simply stated it as fact: This is a difficult lesson, and I might have to learn it many times before it sticks.

I can learn something from this adorable six-year-old. Some lessons are hard. Sometimes I’ll fail, and I’ll have to learn the same lesson many times before I get it right. I can choose to berate myself and feel like a failure. I can become whiney and filled with self-pity. I can bitterly blame others or my circumstances. Or I can simply rise up and learn again.

How about you? Are you learning any hard lessons? Are you OK with learning the lesson a lot of times? Or do you beat yourself up over failures and mistakes? Can you even imagine a cuter six-year-old? 

2 thoughts on “Learning Lessons Lots of Time

  1. Out of the mouths of babes! I think the best thing is that he’s sitting there telling you this and you are taking the time to listen. Sometimes, I think I didn’t take the time I needed just to listen to my children on a one-to-one basis. Give those kids a big hug for us!


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