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Do you want my help or not, kid?

Lately my sons have been doing this thing to each other. I have no idea why they find it amusing. Because it makes me insane. Absolutely insane.

One of them will grab his brother’s hat and run. Or snatch a quarter from his little brother’s hand and sprint around the living room. Or steal his brother’s favorite stuffed animal and dash downstairs with it.

And that’s wrong. I get that. It’s frustrating and annoying. It’s no fun when someone takes your stuff just to upset you.

However — what really makes me crazy is the reaction of the wronged son. And they all do this. And it makes my head want to explode!

As soon as the hat is grabbed or quarter snatched or stuffed animal stolen, the victim begins to chase and scream, “Mom! MAAAAHHHHHHMMMMM!! He took something from me! Make him give it back!”

Usually by this point, they are running in circles around the downstairs. “Mom! He has my thing! He took it! Make him give it back! Mom! MAAAAHHHHHHHMMMMMM!”

And then he will turn to his brother, who always has an evil smirk on his face as he runs for his life. “Give it back to me! You can’t take my stuff! I hate you! Give it back!”

Then he screams back at me, “MAAAHHHHHMMMMM! Why aren’t you helping? Make him give it back to me!”

And, of course, all of this happens in less than two minutes. And because of all the screaming and running and chaos, I can’t really say anything and be heard.

Over and over, I explain to my sons that if they want my help, they need to come to me and ask with respect and then let me handle it. If they are screaming and chasing and trying to wrestle their possession from a brother, then they are making it harder for me to handle the situation.

As I have been reminding my boys of this, I have begun to think. Don’t I do this same thing with God?

I have a problem, so I frantically pray, “Help me, God. Work this out for me. Hurry. Work it out quickly.” And then I worry and fuss and complain. I try to wrestle out the solution on my own. I practically scream for God to help me, but then I plow ahead as if it all is up to me.

All the while, He is saying, Be still and know that I am God. . . . Be still before Me and wait patiently for Me. . . . Wait patiently for Me, and I will incline and hear your cry. . . . Wait on Me and I will strengthen your heart. . . . Wait for Me, and I will provide at the right time  (Ps. 46:10, Ps. 37:7, Ps. 40:1, Ps. 27:14, Ps. 104:27). 

Today, I am going to quiet myself before Him. I am going to stop screaming and fretting and fussing and plotting and scheming. I am going to be still and wait.

Do you ask God for help and then forge ahead as if you had to handle it all by yourself? Do you have any idea why my sons think this is a fun activity? Is it possible for my head to actually explode from their antics? 

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