More Gifts

When I begin to feel overwhelmed with the dirty laundry and the dirty dishes and sick, fevered children, with schedule-planning and decision-making and character-training — when I begin to feel overwhelmed with life, I try to stop and breathe and remember to be thankful.

Ann Voskamp, in her book one thousand gifts, beautifully articulates the heart-transforming work of thanks-giving.

Yesterday I listed some of my blessings. Today, as I look at the piles of dirty dishes and the hampers full of laundry, I need to focus my heart once more on the gifts surrounding me.

* sweet buttercream frosting licked from mixing bowl

* boys counting UNO cards

* old hymns on an acoustic guitar

* colorful K’Nex car rolling down the black driveway

* tropical smell of pineapple in the blender

* bedroom floor large enough for boys to flank my bed on their make-shift sleeping mats

* cheerful warble of birds in the yard and on my porch

* visits with grandparents

* children’s giggles

What gifts can you name in the midst of your messy, busy, demanding life? 

One thought on “More Gifts

  1. * a washer that works
    * homemade raspberry jam
    * a DIL who knows what is important in life
    * vacuum sweeper
    * roses blooming and their sweet smell
    * bleach
    * summer


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