Counting Blessings


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just need to take a deep breath and settle in with a mug of coffee and count my blessings, name the gifts in my life.

If I am not intentional about remembering, naming, numbering, then my mind and heart get caught up in the circumstances swirling around me. For me, cultivating a spirit of gratefulness requires purposeful, deliberate thought. Contentment does not come naturally, I learn it through practice.

When I stop and breathe and look around and within me, I discover I have so many blessings – even the smallest gift comes into sharp focus.

So this morning, as I sip my coffee and slowly inhale and exhale, these are the blessings flowing all around me, these are the gifts I have been given.

• a surprise bouquet of flowers

• streams of sunshine pouring through the windows

• a pretty, cheerful tablecloth

• healthy, creative, active sons

• new mercies as I rose this morning

• God’s nearness and unfailing love

• children who can dress themselves and pour their own cereal

• a dishwasher full of clean dishes and a helpful child to unload it

• laughter

• bright, cheery toenail polish

• hope

What are your blessings today?

4 thoughts on “Counting Blessings

    1. I am still quite the unqualified gardener and especially in the short season of the north, but I always feels such awe and calmness and eager anticipation to watch vegetables and fruit uncurl and stretch out from a mere blossom on a plant. I don’t yet garden for reliable food production. I garden for the whisper of the artfulness of God and to be welcomed into that creative process.

      That is one of the many blessings I enjoyed today. 🙂


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