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Jesus, Chicken Sandwiches, Homosexuals & Grace

My thoughts, as a Christian, on the whole Chick-fil-A thing and the debate about gay marriage. 

You know, one of the things I love about Jesus is that He didn’t get all caught up in trying to change the Roman government. He didn’t come to establish a government on earth. He came to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Perhaps my focus shouldn’t be on shaping the government of this country to match my interpretation of the Bible. Perhaps my focus should be on the Kingdom of Heaven.

When He walked on earth, He loved people, especially those people who were considered outcast by the most religious of the day. And He gave to His followers two great commandments and a great commission — Love God with all we’ve got; love others as much as we love ourselves; and share the Good News, making disciples. As followers of Christ, everything we do should be measured against those two commandments and that great commission — Is this action stemming from my love for God? Does it demonstrate love to others? Is it going to further the message of Good News and help in discipling others?

Whether our sin is pride or legalism or focusing on earthly things rather than heavenly ones, whether our sin is lustful thoughts, failure to do the good we know to do or failing to love our neighbor, none of us are perfect; all of us fall short; and He loves us all extravagantly.

He even loves me, in spite of my tendency to think I’m smart enough to figure a huge God out or good enough to impress Him with my works. Fortunately, He gives me grace. May I daily extend that grace to others.

9 thoughts on “Jesus, Chicken Sandwiches, Homosexuals & Grace

  1. Yes – Christians do need to see a clear distinction between the Kingdom of Heaven and the USA. However, Jesus was quite outspoken about sexuality. Government’s place is to regulate what privileges a person has based on their relationship status. The definition of what constitutes “marriage” belongs to God alone.


    1. David, I understand what you’re saying; however, I think some Christians mistakenly think our mission is to push through laws which outwardly conform people to our understanding of God’s standards. Jesus, on the other hand, transforms people from the inside-out. When Jesus walked on earth, He didn’t lobby the Roman government to make temple prostitution illegal; He ate with prostitutes and loved them. He didn’t work to overhaul the unfair and corrupt tax system; He befriended tax collectors. He didn’t write letters to the editor about the sanctity of marriage and try to make divorce illegal; He sat at the well and talked with the woman who had been married many times and was living with her boyfriend. Somewhere along the line, Christians decided it was our job to write letters to the editor, sign petitions, lobby the government, boycott businesses and, now, eat chicken sandwiches to prove we’re “right.” I don’t think that captures the heart and personality of Christ. Somewhere along the line, we’ve forgotten that we are commanded to love our neighbors, to treat others the way we want to be treated, to turn the other cheek, to be humble, to give up our personal rights for the sake of the Gospel. I’m not saying we abandon all standards or our definition of right and wrong. I’m saying we love people and humbly share how God has forgiven our sins and is transforming us and not be so quick to point out other people’s sins. The Holy Spirit does not always need my help to convict of sin.


      1. And, believe me, there are plenty of times when I try to be a little holy spirit in the lives of people I know and love. Sometimes I behave as though I really believe God needs my help to get His point across. 🙂


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