Faith · Grace

Loving The Unworthy Is A Worthy Cause

Several years ago, I heard Sara Groves speak at a MOPS Convention. She shared this story, and it is still impacting me after all this time.

Sometimes God brings people into my life who don’t seem like a wise investment. You know what I mean? People who seem very unlikely to give me a great return on my investment of time and love.

But I love them anyway. Because love is still a worthy cause. Because I am not always a person of great promise. I am a mess. I was a lost cause. Yet Jesus invested everything He had in me. He chose to completely spend Himself for me. And I often receive God’s grace and mercy and love and squander it. Yet He continues to love me. He relentlessly pursues me.

And so I love. I risk being used up and taken advantage of. Because Jesus was used up and taken advantage of for me.

This is Grace. And grace and love are still worthy causes.

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