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2012 – A Year of Sunsets and Sunrises


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Sunsets and sunrises. Endings and beginnings. That’s what 2012 was for us.

Last January we were packing up our apartment, saying goodbyes to our Florida friends, closing out our four years as missionaries. Those early days of 2012 were filled with come over for one last dinner and go out for one last girls’ night out and savor the last Sunday at church and go downtown for the going-away luncheon with the office crew. Sorting through all our earthly possessions. Boxing up. Throwing away. Giving away stuff. Squeezing in the last few memory-making moments.



Then we loaded up the moving van and drove north.

A new home. A new neighborhood. A new job for Dad. Cold weather. The first time for some of the children to sled in the snow. Renewing old friendships. The first time ever in public schools. Making new friends. The first time for the children to leave the country during our epic road trip to Niagara Falls. Settling into a new church. Watching the Lord open new doors of ministry for me. Learning to let go, to not control so tightly, to trust Him with the children.


Back Camera

And now the sun has set on 2012. I have changed and adapted and grown. I’ve extended grace and received much more. My heart is full, so grateful for all the endings and beginnings and sadness and happiness and darkness and light that swirled together to bring us to the sunrise of 2013. I am excited to see what this new year holds.

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