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One Day at a Time

GmaMy nearly-94-year-old grandma lives with my parents. She has for quite a while now, though she doesn’t remember where she lives. When she first moved in with my parents, every day she would declare she was going back home. And every day my mom would convince her to stay just one more day. Gradually, that one more day stretched into weeks, then months, then years.

Even now, when we visit, Grandma will often cry at bedtime, “Oh, I meant to go home today. I never planned to stay all night.” And I’ll respond, “We’re staying and we wanted to see you. Stay for tonight. With us.”

I don’t have dementia like my grandma does. At least, I don’t have the usual kind of dementia. However, I do often have a sort of spiritual dementia. I tend to forget how my all-loving, all-powerful God has gotten me through really hard stuff in the past. I tend to forget that the Bible is chock-full of stories of God doing really amazing and impossible things. And then I face a really, really hard thing and, forgetting that nothing is impossible with Him, I cower in fear and defeat, ready to give up.

You know what I mean? You face a really hard thing  —- a frightening medical diagnosis, financial setbacks and the stark reality of possible bankruptcy, caring for a sick or aging family member, the effects of someone else’s bad decisions, addiction, a marriage that needs put back together, a rebellious child, a job that makes you miserable, your own bad decisions or mistakes that have finally caught up to you — and it all seems so insurmountable!

And just as I’m thinking, “This is too hard. Much too hard. I think I’ll quit,” it’s like God’s own Spirit whispers, “Will you just stick with it one more day? Just stay with Me for today.”

And before I know it, those just one more day ‘s add up and He has gently coaxed me to keep at the hard thing for a week, a month, a few years. However long it takes. And I discover that I can do hard things, that hard things are not insurmountable, that truly nothing is impossible with Him.

I don’t want to get all Cristy-Lane-infomercial on you (my grandad LOVED her!), but there is some wisdom in taking life one day at a time.

Are you staring straight into the face of something really hard? Can you stick it out just for today? Can you do this hard thing just for today?

And then can you come back and read this again tomorrow? and the day after that? and the day after that?

3 thoughts on “One Day at a Time

  1. I try to do that every day Jenn, life can be so hard but then one day it will be good. Be happy with the day you are having, cause if you worry to much about tomorrow then you start worry about the next then you have made this day bad. Now dont get me wrong it is very hard but just take it ONE DAY AT A TIME.. I love your grandma so very much I miss seeing her at church.


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