When I Am Afraid . . .

*I had this blog post scheduled to publish tomorrow morning, but in light of this afternoon’s horrific events in Boston, I’m publishing it now.

On a side note, my husband is in Boston right now. He is safely in his hotel, but I must say – I would feel a whole lot better if he weren’t in Boston at all. I had no idea this morning that I would need this verse before the day ended. I love when my Father goes before me and prepares the way by meeting my needs before I’m even aware of them. 


On Friday, the schools in my town had to go on lockdown. The children were never in danger, but there was a dangerous situation in another public place so the schools were locked down. One of my boys had difficulty sleeping Sunday night and did not want to go to school Monday morning. He is tough and stoic and claims the sleeplessness and desire to stay home were not at all related to Friday’s events. And maybe it wasn’t . . .

But after praying for him all morning, I made a special visit to see him at lunchtime on Monday. I embarrassed him by hugging him. In front of his friends. I whispered secret messages in his ear while he opened his carton of chocolate milk. And I slipped this notecard into the pocket of his favorite hoodie —

photo-36I told him he could read if if he felt afraid or anxious. He assured me he would not feel afraid or anxious, but he’d read it anyway.

And I wasn’t going to tell y’all about this, but then it occurred to me — maybe one of you is feeling afraid or anxious. Maybe you need a promise from God to tuck in the pocket of your mind or your heart. Maybe you need a little reminder that the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. You are never alone.

Be strong. Be courageous. Life is scary sometimes, but God never leaves you to handle the scary stuff alone.


7 thoughts on “When I Am Afraid . . .

  1. It’s amazing how God can be seen when we look for Him. I love the fact that you wrote this before Boston’s sad event today. God knows what we need and when we need it. This verse is a wonderful reminder. Also, I like your idea to just show up at school to give your son a gentle reminder that you care and that God is even more present!


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