Do You Have A Friend Like This?

There have been a few times in my life when a friend has said exactly the right thing at exactly the right moment. I mean, it’s like a friend has opened her mouth and God has spoken straight to my heart through her sweet voice. Has that ever happened to you?

Years ago, I thought my uterus might fall out in a back kitchen of the Opryland Hotel. It’s a long story, but I had a uterine prolapse and I’d been waiting for my body to heal itself, for everything to go back up where it was supposed to. But that wasn’t happening. And just before I went to a conference in Nashville, my doctor had told me we’d give it about one more month and then we’d need to start talking about a hysterectomy. And that wasn’t at all what my overly-emotional self wanted to hear.

In Nashville, after being on my feet all day, I was in excruciating pain. And my girlfriends and I were trying to take a shortcut to the vendor displays so we could buy some CDs that were just available right that very second. So we were running. And somehow we ended up in a kitchen. And I may or may not have been holding myself inappropriately as I ran because it truly felt like all my insides were about to be birthed right there in the kitchen of a fancy-schmancy hotel. And that would have just been embarrassing. Right?

And when we finally got back to our rooms, I was crying. It hurt. Physically, it hurt because it really did feel like everything was falling out. But it also hurt emotionally. I had prayed and begged God to heal me. And He hadn’t done what I’d wanted. And I didn’t understand why. Plus, there was the matter of running through a fancy hotel holding my crotch like a really bad Michael Jackson impersonator.

And right there, in the midst of my crying and feeling sorry for myself and questioning why, one of my dear friends simply said, “He has never let you down before.”

And the truth of her words were balm to my soul. I held onto that truth in the hard few months to follow as I did have that very unwanted hysterectomy. And those words echoed through my head during many hard times over the next four or five years. Remember God’s faithfulness. He has never let you down before. 

Last week when my husband was two miles away from the explosions in Boston, a new friend texted me. I was watching the news and getting more and more worked up. I felt like all my emotions were on high-speed in the cute red blender on my kitchen counter. In the course of our back-and-forth texts, she typed, “He’s there for a reason on THIS day!” And just like that, my frantic heart settled. She pulled the blender plug right out of the wall. She spoke truth, and it soothed my worried soul. There are no accidents with God. He is good, and He has a reason for everything He allows.

I am so grateful for friends who speak truth to me. Friends who remind me of God’s faithfulness and His character during difficult times.

Are you having a bad day? A bad week? A bad season of life? Please, let me remind you — you can trust in God’s faithfulness and in His character.

Do you have a friend like this? Someone who gently speaks truth into your life? 

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