A Nester, Not A Nomad

photo-38I am not a nomad.  That is the profound lesson I have learned in the past few weeks. I do not enjoy packing up and moving on. Even if the place I’m moving on to is fabulous – and the house we just moved into is fabulous, beyond our expectations.

I am a nester. I like being settled. I don’t mind the dust lodged into the corners of a room from years of life in that place.

I don’t know how the nomads do it! Well, I’m guessing the nomads aren’t English majors with boxes and boxes of books to lug around. And I’m guessing they don’t have a wee bit of a shoe addiction. And I’m guessing they don’t have Rubbermaid tubs and under-the-bed organizers marked “Memories,” filled with photos and children’s art projects and the hand-written note their oldest gave them when she was six and the homemade gift certificates the children made for Christmas gifts and the collar that still has tufts of much-loved and much-missed Pepper-dog stuck in the folds. I’m guessing the nomads aren’t trying to cart around the antique pantry they bought during the first year of marriage or the stack of quilts lovingly made by grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

It is exhausting to sort through the trash and junk and pack up the precious memories and the functional items that help get us through our days. And even if you haven’t loved,loved,LOVED the actual house, you have memories and emotions attached to it. So moving is just plain exhausting on various levels.

And once you finish sorting out the junk and packing up the good stuff, you have to actually move it all! And then you have to figure out where to put it all in the new place. And it’s just So. Much. Work.

So, here I sit amidst boxes, ready to nest again. Ready to find places for everything. Ready to make this place a home. Ready to settle in.

But first, I need to rest a bit. Because being a little bit nomadic wore me out. I just need a little time to rest and write and sip some coffee from a favorite mug and snuggle under one of the quilts I’ve carried along to each new house.

Yeah . . . I am sooooo not a nomad.



2 thoughts on “A Nester, Not A Nomad

  1. This post made me smile. Me? I’m a wanderer. If not physically, but in my heart. I think it is funny that God has kept me in the same house for 12 years now, when all I really want to do is move- if nothing else then just for the sake of moving. God is teaching me nesting. It is a tough process. I believe He is doing it to give me a true sense of home and stability for this stage of my life. Enjoy your quilts and soak it all in Sister.


  2. I do hope you can get some rest. I don’t know how you have survived these past few weeks. Nesting is much easier than moving. Give my love to everyone.


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