A Mother’s Day Message That’s Not Only For Mommas

In addition to mothering and writing and editing and housebreaking a new puppy and stepping around cardboard boxes I have yet to unpack and having long lunches with my friend Heather, I also direct the children’s ministry at my church. One of the perks of that job is coordinating the baby dedication! (I LOVE LOVE LOVE babies! Especially their cute little toes & one of the babies was barefoot this morning and I just couldn’t stand the cuteness!)

This morning, six families stood on the stage at our church and publicly promised that, by God’s grace working in their lives, they will raise their children to know and love Jesus.

After we handed out certificates and prayed for their families, I was able to share my heart with our church family as I spoke about what it means to dedicate our children to the Lord.

You can listen to that message HERE — A Baby in a Basket – Jochebed’s Example of Faith.

After you listen, I’d love it if you’d share with us a story about God’s faithfulness in your lives. Or a time when you’ve trusted God. Or maybe a way that you’re being brave. So hit up the comments section after you listen & help us know God better by telling your story.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommas! 

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