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New Mercies Bound Up In Love

For the past couple months, everyone in our family has really been going in different directions. Four different soccer teams. Diving lessons. Choir practice. Field trips. Homework and tests and projects. Even my husband and I have had commitments outside our home pulling at our energy and attention.

All good things. We’ve all been doing good things. Developing individual strengths and talents is good. But it can be exhausting. And it can be hard on family unity.

I can feel it. I can feel that everyone’s hearts have been focused on self. I can feel that we are facing outward, each doing our own thing, going our own way.

And now it’s time to turn around. Huddle up. Nurture each other. Love each other. It’s time to work together to get everything unpacked and in order at our new home. It’s time to spend more time hanging out as a family. Eating meals together. Laughing. Playing in the backyard. Weeding the flower beds. Dancing in the family room. It’s time to sit and snuggle and talk.

I have been short on patience, not enjoying my kids. They are annoying each other and easily annoyed. We are all behaving selfishly. So it’s time. Soccer season is ending. School is almost over. The outside commitments and time-sucks are falling away. Mercifully, summer is arriving.

Lord, give me grace so that I can give them grace. Draw our hearts back to You and to each other. Thank you for Time. Stretches of time to ease our way out of ourselves and back into our connection with each other. Give me peace so I can be steady tranquility in this home. Shelter me under Your wings so I can be their safe place. Give me joy so I can laugh and they can laugh. Replace our harsh tones and ugly words with giggles and sweetness. Fill our hearts with love, which covers a multitude of things. Yes, that’s it – blanket us in love. Bind us up in love. 

Aaaaahh, new season and new mercies. Just what this family needs!

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