For the past few weeks I have been busy. Busy with good things. Ministry things. And back-to-school things. And the activities that encourage and develop my children’s strengths and talents and character — soccer and diving and play auditions and Cub Scouts and youth group.

The pace has been quick. The days have been full — early mornings and late nights and not nearly enough naps in the middle. My shoulders have been tensed and my head has been muddled with to-do lists and important details to remember. I don’t know that I’ve taken a slow, deep breath in weeks.

Does your life ever get like this? Full of good things and important things, but just too full? So busy that even your daily Bible reading or study or brief devotion or prayer or whatever it is you do becomes another check on the to-do list? So busy that interactions with our children become clipped orders or instructions or questions rather than conversations and real relationship?

Even the good stuff, the important stuff, can deplete us, suck the very life out of us, if we aren’t slowing our pace and breathing deeply and allowing ourselves to be refueled, replenished, refreshed.


So this morning, I breathed. Slowly in and out. I lit some pumpkin spice candles. I savored my hot coffee. I spent some time in the presence of God, reading scripture about His majesty and glory and splendor. My soul exhaled all the busy-ness and to-do lists and details and calendar items and inhaled peace and rest and joy.

This afternoon, I sipped Diet Dr. Pepper and nibbled chocolate-covered cashews and started reading Jennifer Worth’s memoir, Call The Midwife. I watched a blue jay hop from branch to branch on the small tree outside my office window. Walking down the pasta aisle of the grocery store, I hummed out of tune and smiled at strangers.

As I pulled into my driveway after going to the grocery store, my giant red van beeped at me, the fuel needle lay hard on Empty. As I climbed out of the van, I thought, Lately, that has been me! Running out of gas! So today has been about refueling. Taking time to fill my tank.  

How’s your tank? Are you full? Or are you running on empty? I hope you can take some time this weekend to refuel, refresh, replenish. What refreshes you? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

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