Oh, Impossible Schimpossible!

When Abraham and Sarah were really, really old, God told them they were going to have a baby. They laughed. They asked how in the world two geriatric cases could have a baby. It was a ridiculous thought! How could it be so?

God answered, “Is anything too hard for the LORD?”

When God’s messenger told a young virgin named Mary that she would give birth to the Messiah, she was confused. How could she have a baby? She was a virgin! How could it be so? 

God answered, “Nothing is impossible with God.” 

Sometimes, when I read the Bible, I feel like every day is Opposite Day with God. He seems to delight in using the most unlikely circumstances to work out His purposes. Over and over, He shows up where we least expect Him. When there seems to be no hope, an absolutely impossible situation, God arrives and calmly replies, “Really? Is anything too hard for Me? I’ve got this.” 

As I grow to know God better, I see that He rarely works on my timetable, and His plans don’t often pan out the way I would plot things. But oh how much better His ways are! With Him, the possibilities are limitless. Nothing is too hard for Him.

It is in our weak, hopeless condition that His strength and hope really shine.

Are you weak? Are you facing an impossible situation? Do you feel hopeless? Good news — things are often not what they appear to be! Your weakness is really when His strength is made perfect. Nothing is impossible with God. He can even make a postmenopausal, 90-year-old woman and a young virgin have babies! Certainly He can handle whatever you’ve got going on!

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