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A Little End-of-Year Reflecting


I love end-of-the-year reflection. This morning, instead of cleaning my house for the party we’re hosting tonight, I’m reflecting on the important things I’ve learned about myself in 2013. Because I can always think of a million other things I’d rather do than clean my house! (I learned that about myself in 2001, which may have been the last time I had all the laundry clean at one time.) So, without further ado, here are 5 random things I learned about myself in 2013 . . . 


1. After spending hours and hours and hours of 2013 doing children’s ministry at our church and directing a preschool children’s program for another large ministry, I realized — I finally feel like I have a grip on parenting preschoolers. I understand preschoolers. I have some tricks up my sleeve for preschoolers. Ok, I’ll just say it — I work a room of preschoolers like a boss. Bam! I finally got this! Of course, my own children are 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, and 15 now. So a fat lot of good it does me to finally master the preschool years. Maybe by the time my kids all graduate from college, I’ll have a handle on the teenage years. Because we currently have a whole lot of trial and error going on up in here.


2. I am a wimp who can become completely undone by an organ smaller than the piece of peppermint bark I enjoyed last night. Your gallbladder is the size of your thumb, but when it goes all into wonky, spastic overdrive, it can really mess a girl up! Planning to spend the last month of summer vacation cleaning and organizing the house and doing fun day outings with the kids? Not if your gallbladder is spazzing out and a nibble of an apple makes you feel like you just ate four platefuls of food at the family reunion and then got bounced off the teeter-totter and smacked your gut on the wooden board on your way to the ground. Seriously, I never imagined such a teensy tiny organ could wreak such havoc on my life.


3. I really am a lame BoyScout mom. Not only do I refuse to wear a neckerchief and boycott all popcorn-selling fundraising, I forget to take my son to the actual meetings. Bless his heart! He has only a handful of patches I don’t iron on for him and belt loop thingies that go on the belt I haven’t bought for him. No offense, BoyScouts, I never managed to get the AWANA things sewn onto vests or pinned onto shirts either. I’m an equal opportunity LameMom when it comes to ridiculous uniform embellishments. I am a much better DivingMom – “You have your speedo and your chamois thrown into your bag? Good, let’s go!” 

hospitalwaiting4. If there were a career that involved waiting in hospital waiting rooms with family members, that career would be my life calling. With six active children and a husband with multiple health issues, hospital waiting rooms seem to be my thing. Waiting for x-rays on a finger that isn’t broken? No problem! We’ll watch C-Span and crack jokes about how Mrs. Mattice would soooo have mocked those men off the stage in the Fine Arts Building and given them a giant red F in Speech 101. Waiting for the follow-up x-rays that may or may not tell us if the elbow is actually broken? No problem! I’ll convince Rachel to sing for me, and we’ll have our own little American Idol moment amidst the giant cotton swabs and boxes of latex gloves. Waiting for x-rays to tell us if anything was damaged when the knee was dislocated? No problem! Lauren and I will put on little white masks, pretend to be Michael Jackson’s children and take selfies. And when we’re at the ER for yet another Hatcher Family Head Injury, the triage nurse will ask if I’m a doctor or nurse because I am an expert triage-information-giver. If you couldn’t find me in 2013, I was probably in a medical professional’s waiting room fulfilling my life calling.


5. Thank goodness for the interwebs because I am a horrible television watcher! My poor children watch shows like The Voice or X Factor or America’s Got Talent week after week, just long enough to find a favorite to root for. Then I totally forget to turn the TV on for several weeks in a row. Maybe in their minds everyone is a winner! because we never seem to see who wins those shows. I prefer my TV show watching in binges, thankyouverymuch. Which completely explains how I watched all 22 episodes of the first season of Hart of Dixie in about a week in June. And then I watched all 22 episodes of season two during a week and a half in August. Actually, I’m finally catching up on Ally McBeal! Thank you, Netflix!

There you have it – 5 things I learned about myself in 2013. Granted, maybe those are not the most important things I learned about myself. But a girl can only go so deep in self-reflection while boys race remote-control cars all around and the husband blares Selena Gomez throughout the house.

How about you? What have you learned about yourself in 2013?


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