The Truest Thing About You


Maybe you have all sorts of secrets and shame in the darkest corners of your soul. You’ve let people down. You are the MackDaddy of Mistakes. You have worn out all your second chances. Or maybe you’re battle-scarred, wounded, abused, used, discarded. You have deep holes in your soul that you have tried to fill up with all the wrong stuff.

Maybe you are absolutely as sure as sure can be that if other people knew about the darkest parts of you, they would reject you. You know you are not the person you seem to be. You work hard to keep up the image, believing that if you perform well enough, you’ll eventually push out all the junk in your heart and soul.

Perhaps you never meet your own expectations. You let yourself down time and again. And with each mistake, each shortfall, you berate yourself. Or perhaps you quit trying long ago. Buying into the idea that you cannot change, you just gave up.

And maybe it’s true. Maybe you have messed up, let people down, hurt yourself. Maybe you have wrecked your job or your marriage or your reputation. Maybe all those things you know about yourself are true. But I know that darkness, that brokenness, those mistakes — that is not the truest thing about you.

The truest thing about you is that you were made with love, fashioned in the very image of God Himself, and God loves you relentlessly and with great compassion, and there is nothing -absolutely nothing- about you that repulses Him, nothing that could make Him love you any less (or any more). That is the truest thing about you.

Today, stand firm in this truth. You are not defined by the darkness and brokenness. Be defined by grace and love. You are loved with a love that is beyond your wildest imagination. Friends, this truest truth will set you free!

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