Limited Visibility

originally posted August 2012



The fog was thick in our valley this morning. When I first woke and looked out the window, my house was tucked all in by dense, white air. It sort of felt like we were floating among the clouds.

As I drove the children to school, I began to complain that I couldn’t see. Lauren looked at me with her eyebrow cocked, “You can see. Look right there in front of you. I can see the road.”

“Yeah, well, I can’t see up there,” I answered, pointing down the street a bit where the fog stood like an opaque wall.

Lauren probably rolled her eyes as she said, “But you’re not up there. You can see here. Where you are. And when you get there, the fog will be lighter. Like it is here.” Fortunately, she left the “duh” unspoken.

Of course, she was right. Though the fog looks impenetrable from a distance, it always opens up and thins out enough for me to see the road immediately in front of me. Sometimes the heavy fog makes it impossible to see five feet ahead, but I can always see the spot where I am and the next inch.

This morning, I didn’t need to worry about the fog up ahead. I could see enough to drive the next foot, then the next foot, then the next foot. And that was enough.

That’s how life goes sometimes. We can’t see very far down the road. And it doesn’t do any good to worry about how dense the fog is and how limited the visibility seems way up there. We’re not there yet. We’re here. And we can see enough to go the next step.



And then, at just the right time, the light will shine through. And the fog will burn off. And we’ll be able to see a little more clearly down the road.

Until that time, we inch forward in our cloudy cocoon, trusting God will send enough light and visibility for the next step.

Are you in some fog today? Just keep inching forward in your little space of light.

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  – Matthew 6:34 

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