The Rock


She is a stone,
a rock,
formed by raging lava
intended for evil destruction.
Fiery, steamy,
expansive boiling
rising up
to form
solid rock.

She is the fortress,
the bulwark,
the secure resting place,

She is the foundation,
the sure footing,
from which to launch.

She is leverage,
her abiding loyalty
resolute stability
to twist against,
taking for granted
her unflinching presence.

Gray, useful, constant,
bearing the load,
she fears she is perilously close
to shattering into shale.
Forgetting that the scalding heat,
which threatened to destroy,
forged her will,
her very soul.
And, amidst the gray,
gems glimmer.
Beauty shimmering in strength.

-jennifer abel, 9/17/18

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