About This Blog

I’ve only been to Memphis once, and I’ve never been to that Graceland. So this blog isn’t about Elvis or Memphis; it’s not even about Paul Simon and going to Graceland. It’s about life. Messy, stumbling along, clumsy life.

You see, I’m learning to live my life in GraceLand. GraceLand, as opposed to PerformanceLand. I’m learning that sometimes I do make a real mess of things. I trip myself up and fall down big-time. But I’m learning to fall into the grace of God.

And because I’m learning how to fall into that sweet, generous, abundant grace,  I’m learning to generously give grace to others when they make a mess of things.

Tell me, who are you? Do you like Elvis? Paul Simon? Memphis? Do you know the frustration of living in PerformanceLand? And are you, like me, exhausted from all that? 

I don’t know what brought you here to this blog today, but join me in GraceLand. Let’s fall and rise and fall and rise again, painfully, beautifully experiencing grace together. 

13 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog today – really appreciated the encouragement you shared. I’m glad to hear from someone who has been through some trials and near-loss – the testimony of God’s faithfulness in the midst of trials (as well as before) is deeply encouraging. God bless! 🙂


  2. Kris, I think so too. I loved the blog post of yours that I read today. But you didn’t have a “love” button, so I could only “like” it.

    It sounds like you and I are learning the same sorts of things. And probably facing many of the same challenges and daily life stuff.


  3. Really like your writing style….love a bit of irreverence and self targeted humor mixed with faith. 🙂 I’m very new to the blogging world….just looking around for inspiration and sites that speak to me. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I remember an eon ago sitting on your couch and watching ER. I remember your husband on a trek we shared on the AT. Seems your family is connected to me by initials. I am very different from the girl who sat on your couch. I used to believe I could MAKE my future perfect. I now KNOW that living in GRACEland is giving up that control. As a hard heart begins to melt I thank you for having a place where I can maybe add new intials like P.S. and TY.


  5. I’ve been seeing this “My Message to my Younger Momma Self” all over FB. Loved it. “Shared” it. Sent it to my momma. Never even realized you had written it. How in the world do you find time to blog. I started a blog a few years a ago. Haven’t added an entry in a year – and I only have 2 kids. Fabulous stuff here girl!!! Now I’m following your blog! I can use any words of wisdom you can share.


  6. Hi Jennifer, Is there a way that I can be notified of your blogs? Also, do you have a Facebook page? I love your blogs, they are so comforting as a momma of a one year old and another on the way!


  7. Sydni, thank you so much for your encouraging words. Over on the left, there is a button that says “Follow Blog via email” – click on that & you will get an email every time I post a new thing. There is also a button that says, “Like Me on Facebook” & you can find my FB page that way.


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