The Poor, The President, and the Bible

I’m going to be honest with you – the past couple years have been really disheartening for me as a believer and follower of Jesus. Not because of Jesus – no, Jesus is more dear to me now than ever before. As I get older and spend year after year getting to know Jesus better,…… Continue reading The Poor, The President, and the Bible


Being Likable

Do you ever hear a comment that rocks your world? Someone makes an off-hand comment to you that reverberates through your brain for days? Maybe they were joking or being lighthearted. Maybe they were telling you something they assumed you already knew. Maybe, even, they were telling you something you’ve heard before. But for some…… Continue reading Being Likable

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When Solitude Turns To Loneliness

Silence. Solitude. When I was the stay-at-home mom of a brood of small, needy, loud children, I craved the silence and a few moments alone. Sometimes, I’d even lock myself in my bedroom for 3 minutes of alone-time with some hidden chocolate. (Which is how a mouse once found its way to living in my…… Continue reading When Solitude Turns To Loneliness


Holiday Recap – how divorce and children’s growing up changes things

I love the Christmas season. The lights and carols and decorations. Everything smelling of pine and cinnamon and cranberry. All the cookie baking and the homemade Chex Mix warm from the oven. Our tree and the memories and stories behind every ornament. I love it all. Especially dear to me are all the traditions we have…… Continue reading Holiday Recap – how divorce and children’s growing up changes things

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To My Daughter, As You Graduate

For the past almost-19 years, I have been filtering the messages that bombard my children. Movies. Music. TV shows. Headlines. Textbooks. Sermons. All of it. I have attempted to provide the framework through which all of it is filtered and understood. And that framework is based on my ever-growing understanding of the Bible and of…… Continue reading To My Daughter, As You Graduate


Perspective on Awards Day

(Originally posted May 30, 2013) It’s that time of year when children can be tempted to think their value is measured in Standards of Learning scores or report card grades or how many certificates they receive on Awards Day or whether they are named MVP at the sports banquet. These things are so hard for…… Continue reading Perspective on Awards Day