The Danger of Making the U.S. a “Christian Nation”

From what I’ve observed, a lot of people I know are pretty happy that our new President has promised that the United States will be a Christian nation and that Christianity will have power under his presidency. Immediately following the inauguration, my Facebook news feed was filled with joyful approval that several people on the…… Continue reading The Danger of Making the U.S. a “Christian Nation”


Christians, Refugees, and the Threat of the Trojan Horse

By now, we have all heard about the Syrian refugee crisis.┬áMany Christian leaders and teachers are encouraging Christians to “stand up and be the Church,” as Ann Voskamp puts it. But as I scroll through Facebook or search for information about the Syrian refugees on the Internet, I also see dire warnings about how this…… Continue reading Christians, Refugees, and the Threat of the Trojan Horse

Blessings · Faith

Wrestling with God

I am a thinker, a planner, a strategizer. But there are times when all my thinking and planning and strategizing doesn’t pan out the way I want. And there are times when, no matter how much I think and organize and coordinate, I am still truly powerless to control the entire situation. Do you ever…… Continue reading Wrestling with God


When God Disappoints Us

Sometimes I read the Psalms and I think David had multiple personality disorder. One second he’s crying out in anguish that God has forgotten him, forsaken him, that God remains silent and hides his face. Then with the very next breath, David is saying things like, “I will sing to the Lord, for he has…… Continue reading When God Disappoints Us


The Elephant On My Plate

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes that’s because one really big, really bad thing is going on. Sometimes it’s the hundred little things piling on. Lately, I’ve had a hundred little things piling on. Small stresses adding up. And the past couple days I have indulged in quite the full-blown pity party. The thoughts and emotions…… Continue reading The Elephant On My Plate

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And this too shall pass

  When Rachel was about three months old, she stopped growing. She didn’t gain weight. She didn’t get longer. She couldn’t hold her head up. She still enjoyed being swaddled. Houston, we had a problem. Suddenly, my thoughts and my time were consumed with doctor’s appointments and medical tests and amped-up feeding schedules. There was…… Continue reading And this too shall pass