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The Gift of “Me Too!”

The more I learn about people and the more I learn about myself, the more I am convinced that one of our basic needs is to not feel alone. We are not meant to be alone. Not physically. Not emotionally. In the dailyness, when I’m doggie-paddling and hoping to stay afloat, I long to hear…… Continue reading The Gift of “Me Too!”


On realizing I have three teenagers . . .

Tomorrow, my three oldest children leave with the church youth group for a big, ten-day trip to Florida. Because my three oldest children are teenagers. Teenagers. Y’all! Seriously! Do you get what this means??!! It means — half my children are teenagers. And the others aren’t far behind. Griffin, the BABY!, for heaven’s sake!, is eight-and-a-half.…… Continue reading On realizing I have three teenagers . . .


Parenting to the Heart

I wrote this in June of 2008. And I sure need the reminder today.  Just in case anyone else needs this reminder right now too. . .  This morning, in his Father’s Day message, our pastor mentioned that our parenting should not be about performance.  We shouldn’t discipline to our children’s performance; we should aim…… Continue reading Parenting to the Heart

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The Ripple Effect ~ Jodie’s Story

I recently told you our house story. And I told you that the huge things God was doing in bringing us to this house don’t end with our family. I love how God ripples out the blessings when we tell other people what He’s up to in our lives! Throughout every step of finding this…… Continue reading The Ripple Effect ~ Jodie’s Story


Love – with all your broken, tattered heart, LOVE

Jesus was pretty clear about what he wanted his followers to do — love God and love other people. Over and over and over in the New Testament, we’re reminded to do everything in love, to be rooted in love, to bear with each other in love, to put on love like clothing, to spur…… Continue reading Love – with all your broken, tattered heart, LOVE


Adjusting Expectations

When my children were younger and I was younger, I felt disappointed often. You see, I had these crazy, ideal expectations. And, of course, they were rarely met. And by rarely I mean never. I would plan a a family day of going to the zoo. Inside my head, I would imagine my six offspring in adorable outfits,…… Continue reading Adjusting Expectations