Dear New Momma

  Dear New Momma, Five minutes after the plus sign showed up on the stick, you probably realized the mountain of decisions ahead of you. OB/GYN or midwife? Epidural or medicine-free? Breast or bottle? Also, you have to choose a name that everyone will call another person for his entire life. And which car seat…… Continue reading Dear New Momma

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And this too shall pass

  When Rachel was about three months old, she stopped growing. She didn’t gain weight. She didn’t get longer. She couldn’t hold her head up. She still enjoyed being swaddled. Houston, we had a problem. Suddenly, my thoughts and my time were consumed with doctor’s appointments and medical tests and amped-up feeding schedules. There was…… Continue reading And this too shall pass

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When Parents Blow It

This past Sunday I spoke to our church about parenting wisely. I talked about loving our children irrationally and setting limits and bringing our children up in discipline and instruction, discovering their strengths and encouraging them along the unique path God has for them. After church, several people said very kind words to me about…… Continue reading When Parents Blow It

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Getting rid of the expectation of perfection

  When I notice an underlying grouchiness in my spirit, a tendency to criticize all the people around me, that feeling that I can barely stand to be around anyone – then I know it’s time for me to do a little attitude-adjusting. Lately, I’ve been feeling bristly. My kids have been accusing me of…… Continue reading Getting rid of the expectation of perfection


4 Things Teens Want From Their Parents

    I spent last week with around 200 young people. Every morning, I sat around drinking coffee, listening to a group of 20 teenagers discuss things like minimum wage, abortion, poverty, same-sex marriage, welfare reform, the legalization of marijuana, and society’s standards of beauty. In the afternoons, I sat in a circle with 16-year-old…… Continue reading 4 Things Teens Want From Their Parents


On realizing I have three teenagers . . .

Tomorrow, my three oldest children leave with the church youth group for a big, ten-day trip to Florida. Because my three oldest children are teenagers. Teenagers. Y’all! Seriously! Do you get what this means??!! It means — half my children are teenagers. And the others aren’t far behind. Griffin, the BABY!, for heaven’s sake!, is eight-and-a-half.…… Continue reading On realizing I have three teenagers . . .